Wellness & fitness in WunnersWat

Treat yourself to a relaxing break.

In the basement of the hotel, a soothing steam bath and two saunas await you in the wellness area. A relaxation room ensures pure relaxation with a Grander water station. The wellness area can be used free of charge by hotel guests from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
External guests pay a fee of € 20.00 per day.

Exclusively for our house guests: Upon request, you will receive a wellness bag (bathrobe, sauna towel and slipper) for a rental fee of € 35.00 – ask our reception staff.

State-of-the-art fitness equipment is exclusively available to our hotel guests.
The fitness area is open for you daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

It is as topical as it is natural for us: we want to contribute to keeping our environment worth living in.
Nature is the most valuable and worthy of protection that we have. Therefore, we present our contributions to environmental protection on this page in loose succession.

Water is life

Water is the basis of our life; it contains valuable minerals and trace elements for the entire organism. They reach every part of our body, remove toxins, promote blood circulation, boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system. In order to provide our guests with the best possible tap water, we decided to offer Grander water with its unique way of treatment.

The full power of water

“Water is a living system that is in permanent exchange with its environment and has the ability to store and exchange information,” says Johann Grander about the physical uniqueness of the elixir of life. As early as 1979, he developed the principle of information-transferring water revitalization – a natural process that greatly improves the mode of action even further by improving the structure of the water. Completely without storm or chemistry, small devices naturally bring the water to a very high, stable and biologically valuable quality. They are simply connected to the main water supply, the water passes through the devices and in this way is naturally revitalized.

Water for the senses

Due to its finer taste, tap water treated with Grander tastes like more and provides refreshing drinking pleasure. Under the shower, in the bathtub and in the spa area, the soft water caresses the skin and hair and at the same time brings a pleasant indoor climate. In short: it enhances the general well-being in our house.

Water for environmental protection

Grander water is not only good for us, but also for the environment: revitalized water helps to protect the most valuable thing we have – nature. As a result, we make savings in many areas of our business. For example, our water makes better use of raw materials, allowing us to use cleaning agents, shampoo and shower gel more sparingly. It reduces limescale deposits and rust formation, protects the heating and air-conditioning system, lowers heating and cooling costs, and reduces sludge build-up in heaters and pipes. At the same time, the reduced heating and cooling effort conserves resources.

steam bath
with changing scents

Bio sauna
60 degrees Celsius

Finnish sauna
90 degrees Celsius

Relaxation area